Why should I buy online from Opto-Réseau?

Good question! There are a number of reasons why we stand out from the crowd. Here are a few:

Professionals you can trust

Our team is made up of dedicated, skilled professionals whose top priorities are your satisfaction and the health of your eyes. Our ability to provide exemplary services, from your eye exam to the purchase of your eye-care products, makes Opto-Réseau a valued partner for your eye health. Every online order is checked and confirmed by one of our qualified eye care professionals. We encourage you to stay in touch so we can be sure each prescription is correct and that you are fully satisfied.

A 100% local network

You wear your contact lenses every day, everywhere you go. They have a direct impact on your vision and eye health. Shouldn’t you make sure they come from a trusted provider? Opto-Réseau is a Quebec company with clinics owned by independent optometrists and opticians in your local area who will make sure your prescription is valid. As an Opto-Réseau customer, you’re supporting your local economy!

Unmatched after-sales service

Opto-Réseau products provide excellent value and top-notch service all rolled into one. We offer highly competitive prices and the quality you’re looking for. Our customers benefit from impeccable after-sales service. Quality products provide peace of mind, and our guarantees are there for you if you need them. Because our clinic is where you come for your eye exam and to buy your lenses, we’re committed to your total satisfaction.

Advice when you need it

And it doesn’t stop there! Our professionals are available to answer your questions and help you use your new products correctly.

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