Who can order online?

Our patients have the opportunity to renew their contact lenses supply online. You are patient in one of our clinics and have a valid prescription? You are the ideal candidate for an online order!

I am not yet a patient at Opto-Réseau. Can I order my contact lenses online?

First of all, welcome with us! Online orders are verified by our in-clinic eye care professionals. If you are not yet a patient, simply select the clinic closest to you when ordering and a member of our team will take care of you. And since we don't know your eyes yet, we'll ask you to upload a copy of your current prescription, along with a photo of your current boxes of contact lenses (you should have one box for each eye). Also make sure your prescription is valid!

Here's an example of what we need to see on the lenses box:

Example of contact lenses boxes

What is a valid prescription?

In Quebec, an optical prescription is generally valid for a period of 2 years. On the other hand, depending on your visual health or your prescription, your optometrist may ask for an annual follow-up, especially in the case of wearing contact lenses. This means that we would like to see you again at most every two years to review your eye health and vision. Since we care about your vision health, at Opto-Réseau we recommend that you make an appointment with your optometrist every year to ensure regular monitoring of your eyes.

I can't find the brand of lenses I am using.

Certain brands or types of lenses, including specialty lenses, may not be available for online purchase.Contact your clinic to renew your supply.

I have moved. How can I change the clinic associated with my account?

By clicking on the silhouette icon in the site header, you will access your account. Under your name, click on "Edit Account" and follow the steps. This will allow you to change your address at the same time.

I can't log in to my account.

First make sure you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. If it still doesn't work, you can contact us at info@opto-reseau.com so that we can help you. You can also click on "Retrieve my password" if you don't remember it.